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Hi! I'm Babs, and I love Books

Life is long. Books are short. Live more life in books!

     I am a middle school English Language Arts teacher  with over twenty years of experience in education.  My goal is to instill a love of reading to my students.  However, that can only happen if students are given interesting and quality books to read. Unfortunately, novel reading is neglected during these days of standards based learning.  

     Long forms of reading and writing do not get regular instruction.  That is why I've implimented two important lessons into my classroom: independent reading and literature circles.  These two activities creates opportunities for my students to read and discuss what they read.   

     Additionally, I have created quality quizzes to monitor my students progress and comprehension of their independent reading.  You can follow this link to my products at my TPT Store.

     I also read a lot of books. So, my blog also has a page that I refer to as the Middle Schooler Book Reviewer.  This is a new development for me.  Book Reviewing is something I've done my whole life, but now I have a purpose to share my ideas and thoughts on novels and their appropriateness in the classroom.  Some of these books are old favorites, and some are new publications. They are a guide, simply put. 

     Finally, I like to write.  I have a section here just to share some of my essays and thoughts on a varity of subjects and ideas.  There is even a little creative writing included.  Most of my essays are motivational in nature. So, please feel free to take a read and send some feedback if you are so inspired.

  Mostly I want to thank you for visiting.  Please subscribe on my homepage and get yourself a reading comprehension poster for your classroom. 



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